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How were you chosen for Liberatum HK? Was there a selection process or was it an individual invite?

I had an individual invite from the organisers.

Could you have exhibited any of your work at this festival or did they chose this particular work?

They invited me because of my work and I believe because of the Meat project in particular.

What was your motivation for the Carnal World Project?

It all began as a short-term project called Meat in 2005 but right after it started I was invited to the University of the Arts London to receive an MA. The work was highly praised at the University but was never shown to the general public.
Gradually it developed into a long-term project and one of the main ideas in my photo-art activity.
I want to embrace the opportunity of Liberatum's invitation to show to the public the development of the project.

This photo-series is about violence
in Fact - about the system of life
that we live every day
a system of non-brotherhood

Which I want to show in pictures

Just to show how unpleasant it is to feel yourself as meat in somebody else's eyes……

Here we see only women
Because I understand their language
Because I think that the voice of women in Russia is the most important 
And the most devalued
Historically there are more women in Russia than men and they are Russia's biggest asset

I feel very hurt when I drive by and see women standing along the road
A woman is often seen as a prostitute in Russia
Whether she sleeps with the president
Or stands along the road
There is one thing they have in common=they all have no rights!

I am furious that feminine energy is undervalued and reduced to the level of meat.

This work has great impact and is very thought provoking, what do want people to take with them from this work?

Im a show of Lady
My work and ability in this Life 
Its to receive and reflect in words and pictures the situation in the world
I just do my job
I dont think
I feel and receive and give it as a product

Where did you stage and shoot the work for Carnal World Project?

It was started as a familiar subject in Russia in 2005 and for the last 7 years I went from time to time back there to continue shooting the series at all possible Russian slaughter houses.

You work in a variety of media, drawing, sculpture etc do you have a preferred medium?

Yes I prefer sculpture and photography.

Do you think that your nationality comes through in your work?

No. I don't believe in idea of countries and nationalities. I believe in people and their uniqueness.

You have two works in the Hermitage - what are they?

Both are etchings
The Hermitage asked me about 3
but the 3rd one was a personal picture and I decline.
I appreciate in this life most of all personal-heart issues. These things im quite tough/tight on giving them away.

Lesley Samms

Source: Pure Art